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Dry Cleaning Restoration NJDry Cleaning Restoration NJ – Fire Damage Restoration NJ & AllStates Services Partnering with American Cleaners to Provide The Best Dry Cleaning Restoration, Fabric Restoration Solution and Service Experience.  We Will Make Sure Our Expert Restoration Specialists Will Help You!

Have you ever had fire or water damage in your home or business?  Do you wonder what happens to clothing, fabric or leather items after a the tragic event?  Do you know that there is a special dry cleaning restoration company that does fabric restoration and is known for saving time and money for both you and your insurance company? and can help you with your insurance claim- Dry Cleaning Restoration NJ

Fire Damage Restoration NJ and American Cleaners is the most trusted dry cleaning restoration in the industry.  We have a system for restoring clothing, laundry, dry cleaning, bedding, shoes, belts, pocketbooks, blinds, shades, drapes, handbags, leathers, furs, wedding gowns, suitcases, cushions, rugs, fabric couches and much more.  We are experts at removing stains and reversing the damaging effects of fire, water, soot, smoke, mold, mildew and odor. When you call Fire Damage Restoration NJ  Partnering with American Cleaners you are connecting with an outstanding team of providers dedicated to minimizing the impact of any loss for all parties. – Dry Cleaning Restoration NJ

  • For the Insurance Company – Fire Damage Restoration NJ and American Cleaners provides significant restoration services at a cost that’s far less than having the item replaced.
  • For Restoration Contractors – Our response time and state-of-the-art operation eases the restoration of clothing, window coverings, bedding, linens and other household textiles.
  • For the Home or Business Owner – We can clean and restore your wardrobes to pre-loss conditions and provide expert advice and guarantee 24 hour emergency services.

Dry Cleaning Restoration NJ

Dry Cleaning Restoration – Same Day Service Available

Our process:

Step 1: Inventory

  • Review inventory in each room
  • Photographing each room
  • Documenting the pre-conditions
  • Non-salveagble list
  • High value item list
  • Leather/fur/heirloom list
  • Step 2:Auditing/Documentation
  • On site inventory list signed by home or business owner
  • Verification form filled out by home or business owner
  • Non-restorable inventory
  • Step 3:  Final Validation
  • Tracking
  • Final Report
  • Storage
  • Delivery

Dry Cleaning Restoration NJ – We focus on mitigating the loss — FIRE DAMAGE RESTORATION & ALLSTATES SERVICES PARTNERING WITH AMERICAN CLEANERS has assisted the victims of many household disasters related to fire or water damage throughout NJ, NY, PA and the Tri-State areas.

With our commitment to family and focus on technology and customer care we offers the right combination of business practices and personal service.

Our team specializes in dry cleaning and laundry services for tragic events such as fire or water damage. Our team is dedicated to restoring any and all personal items while helping to reclaim what you thought was lost. We afford you the extra time you need to get back on track, by working to restore your belongings..

Call Dry Cleaning Restoration Disaster Response line at 1-888-651-2532

AllStates Cleaning & Restoration Services and American Cleaners is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, processing and returning those items you need immediately and storing the rest until you are ready for them.

New York , New Jersey Dry Cleaning Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration NJ is dedicated to quality customer service, providing you and your family with peace of mind during this difficult time. – Dry Cleaning Restoration NJ

Dry Cleaning Restoration NJ